Even in the world of cinema, the motto is to grow or die. Lessons from the CAA-ICM agreement


The giants of the digital age, from Apple TV to Netflix, have forced the masters of the show, such as Creative Artists Agency and Icm Partners, to transform, to merge, to obtain capital and market share necessary to compete. Or maybe just to survive

One, the largest, made a myriad of stars shine, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé just to name a few. The other, the smallest, has VIPs like Spike Lee in its book, but also the National Football League. Together the Creative Artists Agency (Caa) and the Icm Partners, can launch many others in the firmament of the show, drawing on the new generation that is pressing on the doors not only of the Hollywood studios, but of the streaming television chains. The announcement that CAA has bought its rival Icm only came as a surprise because the deal was negotiated in great secrecy by their respective top managers Bryan Lourd of CAA and Chris Silbermann, but it was in the air: the great consolidation (the Gran Reset with capital letters to please Carlo Freccero) also radically transforms the world once populated by talent scouts. Show business is all an earthquake and is far from finding a new balance. Cinema, television, music, sport, art, move with the speed of a click, subverting consolidated hierarchies. Other than the Mino Raiola or Lucio Presta, in Italy (and also in Europe) we are still in the artisan phase, that of the entrepreneurs, the prosecutors, the agents, the merchants with their gallery-boutiques; beyond the oceans, industry has reached its maturity, indeed it is now starting beyond the 4.0 frontier.

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