Even Montaner pronounces on the dismissal of Fulcar as Minister of Education

Even Ricardo Montaner ruled on the dismissal of the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar. the famous singer-songwriter welcomed the decision of President Luis Abinader.

“Soon we will have a school in Samaná”said the artist in a Listín Diario publication on Instagram.

In another comment he said: “We went from having a decree from the Ministry of Education to start the works to having nothing and starting from 0. I hope that this action by the president @luisabinader decides on what is most important for the entire country… education. The day education becomes politicized, it ceases to be education and it becomes politics and bureaucracy.”

This reaction of the interpreter of “The top of the sky” is due to the fact that for several years wants to build a school in Samaná, province in which he resides when he is in the country, and has not yet been able to materialize that action.

The Dominican nationalized artist had expressed his concern that his project to build the school fall into the hands of politics.

Two months after Abinader took office in 2020, he met with the singer and the now former Minister of Education made himself available to Montaner for the construction of the school.

The Dominican nationalized artist had expressed concern that his project to build the school would fall into “the hands of politics.”

“The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, expressed his entire willingness to build the school in Samaná,” ​​the artist said at the time on his Twitter account.

For his part, Fulcar said that the deputy minister, Rafael Alcántara, is in charge of specify with Montaner the development of the educational project.

In March of that the singer signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education, of the previous administration, to build the school in Samaná.

At that time it was reported that the school that will be called Bayacú and it will be an ecological design center that will have classrooms integrated with nature, combining new learning methods.

This is a dream that the Venezuelan singer-songwriter has had with his wife since he moved to the Dominican Republic in November 2016.

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