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Photo credit: @styles_deutsch - Twitter

Photo credit: @styles_deutsch – Twitter

Yes, you read the headline right: commitment. But don’t give up just yet, she reads on. rumors that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde They have taken their hermetic relationship one step further, they have been resonating in networks for several days, why? This this rumor has spread and grown like foam on the internet since the Instagram account @deuxmoi has confirmed it. It happened this Wednesday, when during a ‘questions and answers’ someone asked the platform if the turtledoves had given each other the ring. His answer left no room for doubt:

“There’s a good chance they got engaged. Guys, I’ve been saying for months now that you’re dead serious, but no one seems to believe me.”

In fact, despite the fact that this profile is not a means of communication as such, on several occasions it has already published information that over time has turned out to be true. For example, the news that Harry and Olivia were a couple — at the end of 2020. His more than 1.4 million followers guarantee the veracity of these comments. Although yes, at the moment none of the lovebirds has confirmed it and we have not even seen that Wilde wears a ring on his finger that sets off the alarms.

Where are Olivia and Harry at?

Well, both began dating at the end of 2020 when they met during the filming of the movie “Don’t Worry Darling”, whose release date is scheduled for September of this year, and since then they have not separated. At the beginning of 2021 they made their relationship official attending a wedding together as guests — hand in hand!— and from there everything we know about them has been through leaks or information from the paparazzi. Well, almost everything, because it was not until last December when Wilde spoke clearly about his sentimental situation. She did it in an interview with Vogue:

“You realize that you are really happy when you don’t care what they say about you. All that ends up mattering is the real thing, who you love and who loves you.”

Also, Styles dedicated a line of his new and successful song to his fiancee? During the song ‘As It Was’ he mentions two children, who would be the two churumbels that his fiancee? he has with the actor Jason Sudeikis, the same one who initially did not take this relationship that intrigues us so much well. By the way, the last time they were seen together was during Styles’ recent concert at the coachella-festival, where the actress and film director went to support him from the public jumping. Please, they can’t be cuter.

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