EXCLUSIVE TJ – Mastropietro on Pellegrini: “He is a foal that must be let run, he deserves the great chance. Juve? He could already be a holder. I’ll explain why I admired a second Totti…”


“Luca has always had clear ideas about his future, already at 10 he was a beautiful head and with him you could perform more difficult exercises. I was struck by his desire to emerge, for me he has always been a horse that simply had to be ridden”. This is the description of Fernando Mastropietro, luca pellegrini’s first coach in the Nuova Tor Tre Teste and current technical director in Atletico Lodigiani, who exclusively to our microphones describes the class of ’99 currently in retirement with Juve and beyond:

Was it already marked by being a full-band exterior?

“With me he almost always played outside low, he was so good that he could easily do the whole wing both offensively and defensively. The more foals you let them run the better, so as to take advantage of every prairie. He was born a full-back, technically he is very good and is able to attack space well. He never cared about racing, on the other hand we also saw him in Serie A”.

What is currently affecting Luca are his injuries.

“Unfortunately that is a sword of Damocles that he has on his head, he has never managed to start a normal season. And this affects, because the moment you are still you must always chase the others who accumulate kilometers. Luca just has to find calm and serenity, the important thing is to find the opportunity to play a championship as it should. It’s a car to run, you’ll see it won’t stop anymore. He has a golden character and for what he promised, he had to be a starter in every team he has been in”.

Is there an anecdote that you remember very willingly and that you want to share with those who will read the interview?

“I remember the final of a tournament played against Udinese, while we were ahead Luca did not behave well with a teammate and with the referee. He hadn’t been sent off, but I still sat him down leaving the team with one less man. I wanted to explain the difference between a real player and one who does not think on the pitch, warning him to nod me when he would understand the lesson. He realized that they were taking us to the balls and this happened also because he was not there. Luke understood the situation and returned to the field.”

And then how did the game end?

“I remember the third goal scored at Udinese, but the result was not so important. When Luca returned to the field, the feeling was to see a player who would then walk the big stages. A bit like what happened to Totti, Lanzaro, D’Agostino and many others I coached. It was a defining moment for his career, when we see each other he always reminds me of it. For me it was like admiring a second Francesco for his dedication and the desire to always improve”.

So have you got to hear it in the last few years?


“Yes, see you at least once a year. Luca arrives suddenly and comes to see Atletico Lodigiani together with his father Mauro who is a dear friend. For the kids he is an idol, they always follow him with great admiration. He also told me about Juventus, he often tells me that it is another world in which the search for perfection and details is extraordinary. I worked for ten years in Trigoria and there was an air of professionals, sometimes I was in Turin and I realized that something is still missing to achieve extreme seriousness and the great desire to win”.

The moment you declared that he would be the owner everywhere, were you also referring to Juventus?

“I have no doubt about this, Luca is brash and with a great will. He would have played quietly with Alex Sandro, also because the Brazilian is no longer as incisive offensively as he once was. My idea is that in the top clubs you don’t have to think about the defensive phase, especially if in a club like Juve you have two of the strongest defenders in the world. Cuadrado and Pellegrini would be the ultimate in creating superiority in a frightening way. In my opinion it should be evaluated a little in this sense”.

But his time may have come, in fact it is rumored that Juve may keep him in the first team.

“Luca deserves aa chance, it’s the right year to have it. For me he can be a protagonist both in attack and in defense”.

Where do you see Luca Pellegrini in ten years?

“My wish is to see him still on the pitch, run for the bands and create havoc in the opposing area. For me he will still have all that desire to cancel the previous years that did not end well”.

We thank Fernando Mastropietro for the courtesy and availability shown on the occasion of this interview.


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