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After a terrible car accident, the young couple formed by Anthony (Steven Cree) and Rachel (Theresa Palmer), suffers the terrible loss of his son Nathan (Tristan Ruggeri). Seeking the best way to deal with the mourning for said loss, the couple and Eliot (the twin of the deceased minor, also played by Ruggeri in a dual role) move to a small town in Finland, where Anthony is originally from.

While he tries to resume his work as a writer, Rachel (still in the grip of pain and sadness over the death of her offspring) seeks to raise her head and deal in various ways -along with her other son- with the loss, such as burying the personal belongings of the deceased infant, for example.

One afternoon, while hiking at a nearby lake, they come across some handprints dating back to prehistoric times. A local legend says that if you place your hand on these footprints and make a wish, it will come true. And little Eliot performs said ritual, and conceives a secret wish.

The film stars Teresa Palmer.

The film stars Teresa Palmer.


From this event, things for that family begin to take on a disturbing nuance: on the one hand, Eliot begins to behave in a different way, as if he were someone else, which disturbs his mother who, still in the grip of Fear and apprehension about the death of her other son, she begins to perceive strange things while being tormented by terrifying nightmares, some related to the fatal accident.

This situation begins to create a tense environment within the family nucleus. Seeking help, the couple goes to a local doctor, who tells them that the minor’s behavior may be due to the fact that he is receiving (and reflecting) the emotional state of her parents, and thus externalizes it.

However, Helen (Barbara Marten) a mysterious woman, approaches Rachel during a social gathering to which the couple attends, and suggests that there may be something more, and that what happens to them may be due to a supernatural presence that is posing as the deceased minor .

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The film premieres at Cine Tonalá after its successful run at festivals such as Mórbido and Feratum.

So Rachel finds herself at a crossroads: Is what is happening real, and is her family being threatened by a supernatural presence that seeks to destroy them? Or is it merely her imagination? Or is there something more?

Playing with the possible answers to these questions, sinister twin (The TwinFinland, 2022), Finnish film Taneli Mustonenmixes elements of successful films and as different from each other as the classic rosemary’s baby (Roman PolanskyEU, 1968) or something more recent like Midsommar: Terror Waits Not For Night (Ari Aster, EU-Sweden, 2019); to narrate a story that combines psychological thriller with supernatural horror, in which pagan rites, sinister presences, and conspiracies perpetrated by secret cults with dark ends converge. And especially, it seeks to subvert the formula used by Polanski in his legendary film cited above. And also, counting on the presence in the star of the leading actress of the successful film When the lights turn off (light outEU, 2016), what could go wrong?

However, despite having an efficient sound design courtesy of the editor sakari karjalainenas well as the photograph of Daniel Lindholm; The film fails for several reasons. The main one is due to the fact that, in that eagerness to try to maintain the element of surprise until the last moment (and the obligatory but predictable final twist), its plot ends up becoming tricky, contrived and even incoherent.

It is one of the great disappointments of genre cinema.

It is one of the great disappointments of genre cinema.


Also its combination of dissimilar elements is not well balanced on the one hand, and on the other it is perceived that several of the elements incorporated in the story are not well worked, and were shoehorned in as a mere excuse to lengthen the plot -unnecessarily, by the way-

This coupled with a pretentious development that becomes clumsy, a waste of potential situations that could create great moments of tension and terror, and a clumsy and laughable ending, make the film a merely forgettable product. It may not be one of the worst films seen this year, but it was not far behind.

If you are looking for horror stories and frights on the billboard, this is certainly not your best option.

'Sinister Twin': Failed horror thriller film


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