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Real Madrid fans didn’t let Karim Benzema celebrate with the mighty Vikings side.

They call it “hero”, “almighty”, “titan” and “Viking Terror”. Once again, Karim Benzema has established himself as Real Madrid’s protagonist after knocking out Chelsea and advancing to the Champions League semi-finals. A feat that has become hundreds of memes.

Karim Benzema’s goal was celebrated across Spain. The shouts and applause are still heard at the Bernabéu. The French fanatic caused the networks to collapse by posting hundreds of humorous messages to celebrate the power of the native of Lyon.

“You are a work of art”, “What would we do without you, superhero”, “Never abandon us, king” and “Madrid’s Greatest Poem”, are some of the comments read on the popular little bird platform.

Moreover, Benzema was not the only one to be honored during the evening. Luka Modric’s memorable assist on Rodrygo’s goal was also admired by Viking fans. In this way, the Croatian and the French once again mark a new milestone in the meringue ranks.

The role of Karim Benzema as a model

Apparently, the famous Real Madrid striker wants to leave his mark in other areas off the pitch. In this sense, he starred in the most recent cover of fashion magazine Esquire.

In the magazine, the striker stressed that all his records are the result of hard work and the perseverance that characterizes him. “I have no secrets: you just have to work tirelessly and be consistent with your objectives”he pointed out.

Benzema took advantage of the interview to wear Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Louis Vuitton clothes. Who said that the terrain is an obstacle to seducing international fashion cameras? Karim knows no bounds, no doubt.

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