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According to fans, many actresses who have had space in Marvel movies are considered very sexy. Here are the top ten.

The films dedicated to the superheroes of Marvel have always had a huge box office success, winning the hearts of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel actresses –

Marvel: the ten most sensual women

Many comic book characters and their respective flesh and blood performers entered the hearts of viewers who praised not only their acting skills but also their physical appearance.

In fact, almost always playing the role of Marvel superheroes are good-looking actors with a perfect physique or who have worked to build muscle, as happened in Chris Hemsworth than to get the role of Thor she gained 10 kg of muscle mass.

Marvel superheroine –

But the films of these superheroes also have the characteristic of having superheroines and actresses who play other fundamental roles considered very sexy by the fans.

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The sexiest actresses

Here are the ten sexiest actresses featured in the films of Marvel:

  • Emma Stone; interpreter of Gwen Stacy in the films of The Amazing Spiderman is the love interest of Spiderman interpreted by Andrew Garfield, the two actors were also a couple in life.
  • Gemma Chan; entry into Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the role of Sersi in Eternals, the woman immediately conquered the public for her sensuality and beauty.
the ten sexiest Marvel actresses
Gemma Chan –
  • Angelina Jolie; also present in the film Eternals in the role of Thena, there is no need to specify its presence in this ranking given its innate beauty.
the ten sexiest Marvel actresses
Angelina Jolie –
  • Awkwafina; American actress, comedian and rapper, Asian beauty due to her origins is present in the Marvel film dedicated to Shang-Chi in the role of Katy.

the ten sexiest Marvel actresses

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