The TMZ website exclusively reveals that Aaron Brown, 23, broke into the pop star’s mansion tonight

Ariana grande

Ariana Grande

Ugly fright for the pop star Ariana Grande: a man it was arrested after having introduced in its villa in Hollywood Hills in the dead of night. When security tried to get him to leave, the stranger refused and pulled out a knife.

Ariana Grande, a man has entered her villa

To report the news exclusively is the American site “TMZ”. The portal reads: “23-year-old Aaron Brown was accused from aggression. According to law enforcement sources, the incident took place around 2 in the morning on Friday in Ariana’s property ”.

There are even more details on the housebreaking: “Brown has come and he has asked from to see there singer and when security told him to leave, he not only said no, but he also pulled out a knife. Immediate call to police of Los Angeles who rushed to the scene and arrested him ”.

The site “TMZ” adds that it is not yet clear whether at that time Ariana Grande, 27, was at home with her husband. Dalton Gomez, 25, real estate agent: in any case, the pop star never left the house during the altercation and subsequent arrest of Brown. The press office of the famous singer and dancer made it known that it was asked And obtained a temporary restraining order against Brown.

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