Ferrari blacklists singer and bans him from buying his cars

Luxury car company, Ferrari, usually sue customers who make major modifications to their cars

One of the young people’s favorite singers is undoubtedly Justin Bieber, who we have seen growing up over the course of his career, but there are some who love him or hate him, because it seems that his attitude does not please Everyone, proof of this was the decision made by the luxury car company Ferrari, which put it on its blacklist.

It seems that the attitude that the 28-year-old singer takes is not to the liking of the Ferrari company, which has the famous singer on its blacklist, so he will not be able to buy any car of this brand.

According to the luxury car brand, the pop star violated the codes of conduct they have for their buyers because in 2016 he customized his 458 Italia at Western Coast Custom, a renowned car refinishing workshop.

He added a sound system and modified part of the bodywork. In addition, in 2016 he was arrested driving a Ferrari without a license.

It should be noted that the regulations that Ferrari has for its customers include a clause where modifications are only allowed for cars with companies approved by the brand.

The singer abandoned the 458 Italia car near a nightclub and hotel in Beverly Hills and left it there for two weeks, which was reported to authorities, of which Ferrari was informed.

Moreover, in 2017, Justin Bieber auctioned off the car and sold it for $434,000. Something that is not allowed to be done according to Ferrari regulations.

On top of all this, Ferrari has decided not to sell any new cars to Justin Bieber anymore, as they take great care of their brand and such actions usually damage their image.

Other personalities who are also on Ferrari’s banned list are: Nicolás Cage, Kim Kardashian and rapper 50Cent.

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