fewer cases and deaths but a clear reduction in tampons

Weekly data also show a decline in admissions to intensive care and ordinary wards

The study also shows an improvement for the currently positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: 1,177 against the 1,313 in the period April 27-May 3.

The vaccine situation

– In the week 4-10 May the number of new vaccinates drops again: 5,083 compared to 6,113 in the previous week (-16.8%). Of these, 37% is represented by the 5-11 age group: 1,881, with a reduction of 9.8% compared to the previous week. Among the over 50s, who are more at risk of serious illness, the number of new vaccinates continues to drop, reaching 1,268 (-25.4% compared to the previous week). As of 11 May 88.1% of the audience (50.770.168 people) received at least one dose of vaccine (+5.975 compared to the previous week) and 86.5% (no. 49.872.980) completed the vaccination cycle (+11,290 compared to the previous week).

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