FIFA gives the worst news to Tri, Yon de Luisa does not know what to do

Yon de Luisa / Gianni Infantino
Yon de Luisa / Gianni Infantino

The Selection mexican has been blacklisted FIFA, and it seems that the highest football body does not remove its finger from the line. This is due to the multiple sanctions that the FMF has received due to the behavior of its fans, highlighting the famous homophobic shout dedicated to the rival goalkeeper.

the same Yon of Louise He was powerless before FIFA’s opinion, as he commented at a press conference that the sanctions that El Tri received were not carried out “in accordance with the protocols” established by FIFA itself. Therefore, he also stressed that he hoped that this would not become a persecution against the FMF.

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Now AS Mexico informs that FIFA will continue with the investigations into the FMF for the songs of the Mexican fans before the matches against Poland and Saudi Arabia. According to the report, said investigation would not be the result of the famous shout at the goalkeeper, but rather due to some chants outside the stadium that they consider homophobic.

Yon de Luisa affirms that the fans behaved up to the task

Meanwhile, the president of the FMF assures that the fans of the Mexican National Team behaved at the height in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Therefore, he seeks that FIFA does not set an antecedent that could affect his role in the 2026 World Cup, where Mexico will be one of the hosts along with the United States and Canada.

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