First images of the new remake of Disney’s ‘Snow White’, this is what the leading actress looks like

DDisney is still going ahead with its schedule of making live-action remakes of all of its animated films, and right now, the franchise wants to get rid of the bad taste in the mouth that ‘Muln’ left in the audience, this being one of the most criticized films of the Mickey Mouse company.

At the end of last year, the reputation of this series of projects soared with ‘cruella’although it cannot be considered a remake as such, since it is a prequel, but it does have the incentive of being in the flesh.

Thus, Disney returns to the fray with its live-action and the last film from which we have received official images is ‘Snow White’which will be starring Rachel Zegler (Snow White) and Gal Gadot (Evil Queen) and whose premiere is scheduled for 2023.

This is what Zegler looks like as Snow White on the set of the film directed by Marc Webb.

Zegler’s appearance as Snow White, criticized

As was the case with Halle Bailey in the next live-action of ‘The Little Mermaid’, whose inclusion was highly criticized since Bailey is black and the little mermaid was red-haired and supposedly Danish, the ‘Snow White’ actress has also had to endure retrograde reproaches of many spectators who also do not agree with his choice as the protagonist.

They allege that Snow White was, as her name suggests, white as snow and that a latin actress can’t play her character. As soon as these unfair words reached her ears, the interpreter of ‘West Side Story’ did not hesitate to respond with the following statement:

“Yes, I am Snow White and no, I’m not going to whiten my skin for the role,” he recently declared.

There will be two other live-action movies before ‘Snow White’

While the filming of ‘Snow White’ is still in its first weeks, other Disney projects in real action could see the light throughout this 2022. These are the remake of ‘Pinocchio’starring Tom Hanks in the role of Gepetto, and of course ‘The little Mermaid’which promises to be one of the great bets of the blue franchise, despite its controversies.

Of course, what is not expected is that neither of them reaches theaters. At least that will be the case with ‘Pinocchio’, which, as was the case with ‘Cruella’, being exclusive content on the Disney platform .

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