First level diagnostics for family doctors and pediatricians. After 2 years of blackout, the process starts again. Here is the new decree with the allocation of the 235 million

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A new version of the implementing provision of the measure contained in the 2020 Maneuver has been issued which will now be submitted to the Regions to make fully operational the possibility of equipping Community Homes and offices of family doctors and pediatricians with devices such as ECG, spirometer, Eco fast. THE TEXT

02 MAY

The possibility of having an ECG, spirometry or ultrasound at the family doctor may be closer. In fact, a new decree implementing the measures envisaged by the 2020 Budget has been sent again to the Regions, which allocated 235 million for first-level diagnostics to family doctors. Minister Speranza signed a first version of the decree in January 2020 but the text was never approved in the State-Regions. But after more than two years the process seems to restart and also in the light of the NRP and the renewal of the Acn for general medicine.

What the decree provides
The new text specifies how the first level diagnostic equipment will be assigned priority:

– to the Hub Community Houses;

– to the spoke community houses;

– to the spokes represented by the GP and PLS studies;

– to group medicine aggregations taking into account the orographic and demographic characteristics of the territory in order to favor the capillarity of services and greater equity of access, in particular in inland, rural areas, small islands and urban suburbs, in full compliance with the principle of proximity. In these areas where, due to the geographical and morphological characteristics of the territory, the community house is particularly distant, the GP’s study must be further strengthened (first diagnostic tools, network and telemedicine) in order to guarantee adequate proximity assistance. and not to increase territorial inequalities.

The Regions must submit to the Ministry of Health within 60 days of the publication of the decree, a multi-year plan of needs for the use, even partial, of the assigned resources.

The needs plan must contain:

– the health objectives to be pursued;

– the list of first level diagnostic sanitary equipment to be acquired, including a description of the technology, purchase and installation costs;

– a report on the methods of use of the health equipment and on the organizational structure that will be adopted for the purpose of providing assistance services, taking into account the different organizational forms in which general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice operate;

– the acquisition and commissioning and testing times of the sanitary equipment;

– the regional training plan for general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice or the adhesion to that prepared by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità;

– a maintenance, assistance and updating plan, also including the methods of supplying and disposing of the consumables necessary for the operation of the devices owned by the healthcare companies that are to be adopted on the healthcare equipment

– the identification of specific process and result indicators through which the healthcare companies proceed to measure the activity carried out, in accordance with the provisions of the supplementary regional agreements and in line with the “New guarantee system for monitoring healthcare “.

General practitioners and free choice pediatricians who can contribute to the achievement of the care objectives identified by the supplementary agreements with their own devices, certify their contribution to the same purposes of this decree, according to the procedures defined within the regional supplementary agreements themselves.


02 May 2022
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