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Despite extra income and the desire to “save bread for May”, Christmas expenses leave our pockets like wrinkled cardboard, however, some techniques to survive January and start the New Year financial cycle without many traumas. Are.

1. events Your commitments. Write down your income for the month and any debts or payments you have to make at the beginning of the year in a notebook.

2. Give priority. Review which payments are urgent, which are mandatory and which can be scheduled for another date (the latter are the ones you can postpone without incurring a penalty).

3. to reduce. Consciously recognize the need to reduce expenses as much as possible. When you go to buy something ask yourself: Do I need this?, and then ask yourself again: Do I need this now? A large part of the monthly expenses are spent mindlessly on things which are not a priority.

4. smart shopping, Take an inventory of what’s in your pantry. Evaluate the products that will be needed to survive January. When shopping, take your list and don’t buy anything that isn’t on it and check out where you can find quality products at a good price.

5. Take advantage of loyalty points, Many banks and supermarkets, through their customer loyalty programs, give points that you can exchange for pesos or products, take advantage of them this month and they will provide relief to your budget.

Put these tips into practice, try not to touch your savings and good luck, remember that January has “80 days”, if you survive this month, the chances of a happy 2024 will be more elusive.

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