FOLKLORING – In summer New York is dry and DR is humid

It’s happened to me a couple of times that when I’m in New York in the summer I can’t stand the heat and people tell me that it’s psychological, that it’s the humidity and they want to reassure me by telling me that it’s worse in the Dominican Republic. In a few words, I have felt uncomfortable, because I feel that my pressure drops and I quarter it.

Thank you Jean Suriel

Well, I contacted the meteorological analyst by direct message from Instagram and he clarified my doubts. He informed me that the Dominican Republic is in the Tropics, so it is generally humid, and New York is near the polar zone, and the heat is dry. It is unfortunate that the inhabitants do not know the reason and are confused.


It is the increase in body temperature due to the incidence of heat, which combined with the dryness of the environment generates difficulties in the internal organs, such as the kidneys, the heart and the lungs. Since I know what happens to me in the months of July and August, you will not see me in the Big Apple, not even “having fun with charm and delicacy, nor dancing” A summer in New York “and much less” Folkloric party I want ”. I was going to have my first sirimba in Jersey City, before boarding the ship that makes a tour of lower New York.

I arrived in DR

Since I got into my son Yhovanny’s car I felt “a vapour”, after three days I went out to do an errand, in full sun and I didn’t feel any reaction. You have to hydrate with mineral water, use sunscreen, fresh clothes and a positive attitude.

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