Followers of Anuel AA and Shakira take the opportunity to remember the single they made together

Followers of the singers brought up the song they recorded together a few years ago

Almost a year and a half after the controversial separation of Karol G and Anuel AA, the ex-partner continues to be linked on a musical level, because after the release of the Antioquian musical single with Shakira ‘TQG’, Some traditional and digital media reported that the unfiltered verses were directed at the Puerto Rican.

Colombian singers continue to receive praise, applause and admiration by her thousands of followers worldwide for the milestone that is part of the new album by ‘Bichota’, tomorrow will be nicewhich has managed to position itself as #1 in the bill board both Latino, and for the first time for a Latina woman in the Anglo.

The achievement did not go unnoticed, as the paisa shared the news on her social networks in a very nostalgic way and thanking her fans for the conquest.

In recent days, the information that circulates the most includes the artists in non-stop headlines and articles and although it was not expected, the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, better known by his stage name, Anuel AA, did not miss the opportunity to get noticed and continues to throw what appear to be hints at his ex-girlfriend.

“Men don’t cry, men bill” is a hint to Colombian singers by Anuel AA / Twitter

The Puerto Rican became a trend again due to some curious photographs that he published celebrating that his most recent single ‘Richer than yesterday’ positioned in number globally. The particular thing about the matter is that in one of the images he appears with Shakira on a billboard, and he is very happy posing, which caught the attention of some Internet users on social networks and not in a positive way, since many began to speculate about whether it was admiration or mockery towards the Barranquillera.

And it is that for days Anuel has given a lot to talk about in the same social network, since in another of his post wrote the sentence:Men don’t cry, men bill”, accompanied by some emoticons of laughter and bills, this in reference to the notorious verse that Shakira used in the Session #53 that has gone around the world and has even been used by the vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquez.

The interpreter of ‘Ella quiere beber’ has not stopped joking on his digital platforms about the songs of the ‘Bichota’, because on another occasion he insinuated that Karol achieves global musical successes when “dedicates songs to him”.

Users on the web have stated that this type of attitude and behavior only reflects Anuel’s intention to attract attention and boost your music releases, taking advantage of the commotion that generated both his love break with the Antioquia, as well as that of the Barranquillera with ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué.

The opinions of the Internet users did not take long to appear and they remembered that before Shakira collaborated with Karol G, she did it with Anuel in her song “I like it”, which has more than 240 million views on Youtube, after three years of having been released. At the time they both sang to a couple they loved, but with whom they were going through a crisis, a situation that many also related to what the artists would be experiencing at the time and even suddenly, today.

It seems that the reggaeton player likes to talk about and that is why his followers left him the messages: “It looks like you need to name her to have a global #5”, “Anuel is a trend because he named the baby and Shakira because a good song hasn’t hit for a while”, “Men don’t cry, the real ones bill to death”, “Trying to gain fame at the expense of others hahahaha” and “You almost reached Karol”, between some.

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