Fonseca: “Serie A will grow even more. You play attack, contrary to what you believe”


Paulo Fonseca wrote for record his impressions of Italian football: “Since I arrived in Italy, I have tried to signal to outside spectators that Serie A is one of the strongest leagues in the world. It’s an attacking league, contrary to popular belief – and just look at the number of goals that are scored. It is a strict league from a tactical point of view, but it is well played and attractive. In these two years, I have noticed it. I think this European Championship will help the championship to grow further, because it always has an impact on the evaluation of the players and on the curiosity of the people”.

Su Cristante and Spinazzola, his former players: “There are two players I know well, with whom I have worked for the last two years. Cristante is a great example of professionalism, of great honesty, and was an important player in the national team. He was not the owner, but in the decisive moments the coach believed in him, because he knows that he is a team player, a hard worker. Spina had the best season of his career. He had an extraordinary season at Roma, he deserved the starting spot at the Euro and, until the moment of injury, he was the best player of the Italian national team. It was a shame that he didn’t play at Wembley, because for everything he did, he deserved to play in the final.”


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