Foot OM – Cristiano Ronaldo at OM, the bomb dropped by Canal+

The name of Cristiano Ronaldo has been timidly associated with OM in recent days. Laurent Paganelli ensures that it is not windy and that it can really be done.

This Monday evening, the big shock of the Premier League will oppose Manchester United to Liverpool. A meeting between two big names even if, at the start of the season, it will not necessarily be seen in the standings. The Red Devils indeed temporarily occupy the last place in the standings, and this symbolizes their rather pathetic start to the season. Cristiano Ronaldo is the symbol of this, he who resumed training weeks late, which is not his style already at the base. But the Portuguese believes that his return to Old Trafford is missed, and does not want to be satisfied with a season without the Champions League on the program. To the point of forcing for a departure to the transfer window, while there are only 10 days left before the verdict of the transfer market.

Even if he promised to shed light on his personal situation soon, CR7 is clearly looking for a new club and has suffered several refusals. Refusing Cristiano Ronaldo might have seemed unthinkable a few years ago, but between his salary, his advanced age and his demands, several clubs did not hesitate to favor the collective by rejecting the advances of his agent Jorge Mendes.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants and will leave MU

In search of a club competing in the Champions League, for prestige, its high ambitions, its desire to compete with the best and its personal statistics as well, Cristiano Ronaldo would have turned to OM according to the Italian press. Information quickly mitigated by the Provençal club, for whom it is a question of having an ambitious transfer window, but not necessarily to this point. And yet. Canal+ man in the field, Laurent Paganelli bounced back from this CR7 situation in the Canal Football Club.

And for the former player of ASSE and Toulon, the dream is allowed. “ He can sign for OM, that’s a little info, but he can sign for OM. I know he wants to leave, and he’s going to leave soon, and he’s going to go to a club that plays in the Champions League. The only one he has at the moment is Marseille. There is Alexis Sanchez, but Alexis Sanchez needs a centre-forward. And so there will be Ronaldo. If it can interest them, I launch the kitty “, concluded Laurent Paganelli on a note of humor, taking a 10 euro note out of his pocket. It will take a lot more to convince the Portuguese to discover the French championship. But between OM’s good start to the season and the efforts made to bring in Alexis Sanchez, the supporters of the OM team retain a tiny glimmer of hope for the end of this month of August.

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