Freaks Out, the Mainetti film in Venice78: what the film is about


“Imagination becomes reality at the Circo Mezzapiotta”: it’s really like that in Freaks Out, second film by Gabriele Mainetti presented in competition a Venice78 and due in theaters on October 28th. Six years after his dazzling debut with They called him Jeeg Robot, the director returns to team up with Nicola Guaglianone in writing, making “very Italian” (or rather, “very Roman”) characters that we are generally more used to seeing in American films.

As in They called him Jeeg Robot, in Freaks Out we are always a Rome, but this time long before: it is 1943 and Italy has just signed the armistice. The Nazis roam the streets of the city, but Fulvio (Claudio Santamaria), Matilde (Aurora Giovinazzo), Cencio (Pietro Castellitto) and Mario (Giancarlo Martini) try not to think about it, led by Israel (Giorgio Tirabassi), the owner of the circus, who is their father. Between one stunt and the next, the war also arrives in their tent: Israel is Jewish and in those years it is worse than having hair all over the body like Fulvio.

Endowed with special abilities, they are the object of Franz’s desire (Franz Rogowski), also endowed with superhuman powers but at the service of the Third Reich, of which she defines herself as “the Cassandra”. Between performances, visions, bombs and guerrilla organized by the Partisans, the four must reconcile with their diversity and exploit it to find their place in the world and fight for what they believe in.

Freaks Out it is a film with a lot of heart and a lot of ambition: we have never done something like this in Italy, on a production level. It seems to be in a Hollywood film and yet you see the Colosseum, there is love for Steven Spielberg alongside the typical irony of Italian comedy. A film designed and made for the public. Long last.

We met the director Gabriele Mainetti and its protagonists al Lido of Venice.


Interview with Gabriele Mainetti, Claudio Santamaria and the cast of Freaks Out

There soundtrack from Freaks Out it was written by Gabriele Mainetti himself together with Michela Braga. In some fundamental scenes, however, there are also new adaptations of iconic songs, such as “Creep” dei Radiohead.

There is also “Bella Ciao”, A popular song sung in the film by the Partisans, which in recent years has become famous all over the world thanks to the TV series The paper house. Gabriele Mainetti has finally brought the song back home.

(photo: Lucky Red, Goon Films)

Claudio Santamaria
Gabriele Mainetti
Pietro Castellitto


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