From Bitcoin to Digital Euro: what awaits us?

“For me it’s zero!” this many colleagues or reasoning suggest of Bitcoin. In fact, every subject is free to invest in the assets he believes in: paintings, pens, shares, real estate and so on and so forth. However, whatever trend is pursued, the goal should be clear: for example, a son was born, I buy a studio apartment in Milan because in twenty years it will be useful for his studies, or his income will be interesting to finance them. Obviously, those who buy bitcoin as an asset have an awareness of this type in themselves but rationally, instead, they are making a bet.

“Zero does not exist, everything is measurable” (at the beginning the Pythagoreans) but then over the centuries we have come to give certain truth to everything we see, some relationships result in an infinite number and have opened up to “rational thought “.

And if you turn to a financial advisor, it is for help in unraveling your emotionality to rationalize your investment choices and perhaps delegate to an asset manager who can best navigate a vast ocean, sometimes stormy, and make us arrive in port.

There is little clarity in the world of digital currencies, concepts are exploited up to real scams that can be incurred: the police all over the world investigate the illicit use by crime now that the traditional system is made safer in terms of recycling. There is something very big at a political level if for years China has been studying to introduce the digital Renminbi, if Facebook goes towards the metaverse and the will of its own cryptocurrency.

What are we talking about?

CRYPTO PLATFORMS based on blockchain, you can exchange any asset but in them, if open, between the departure and arrival node the identity of those behind can be hidden;

CRYPTO ASSET that is digital investment objects, there are many, such as bitcoins, they could also be considered outlawed, there is no State or Central Bank to ensure their convertibility, they are virtual assets such as a derivative, a futures and such as these should be aimed at institutional and regulated investors;

CRYPTO CURRENCIES i.e. digital currencies in which the digital euro and other currencies guaranteed by states and central banks will surely and rightly be placed, because it is not serious to let currencies generated by algorithms, in the hands of private individuals, that undermine monetary policy circulate, the setting of exchange rates, interest rates, inflation, protection of savings and control over investment assets.

When I am asked to invest in crypto then as a financial advisor I ask the question in the introduction: about your savings, do you want to bet or do you want to invest?

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