From Shakira to Miley Cyrus: what are the most played YouTube videos today in Colombia

YouTube has become one of the public's favorite ways to have a good time in their free time.  (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)
YouTube has become one of the public’s favorite ways to have a good time in their free time. (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

Although social networks like Facebook and Instagram are betting more and more on videos, the truth is that YouTube continues to be the king of being the second most visited page in the world, only behind the Google search engine.

YouTube has a presence in 104 countries and is available in 80 languages, so it is not surprising that on this platform you can find a BTS video, through horror videos to educational content on how to solve an equation.

The American platform, which emerged in 2005, has become the world’s largest digital video library Proof of this is that more than 500 hours of content are uploaded every minute, 5 billion videos are viewed per day, and earnings are estimated at 15 billion dollars per quarter.

Given these figures, it could be somewhat difficult to miss the news or the clips that are being the most popular, which is why YouTube has had various lists since 2018 where you can consult the most listened to artists, the most viewed videos and what are the trends of the day in real time.

Here is the list of the 10 new videos that are trending this Monday, January 23 in Colombia:


Artist: Shakira and BZRP

Video: Music Sessions, Vol. 53


Artist: Ryan Castro & Coke

Video: Ghetto Star


Artist: Miley Cyrus

Video: Flowers


Artist: blessed

Video: my cat remix


Artist: Andy Rivera

Video: I don’t paint little birds


Artist: Yandel & Feid

Video: Yandel 150


Artist: Romeo Santos

Video: Only with me


Artist: Twice

Video: Moonlight Sunrise


Artist: Camila Fernandez & Morat

Video: I should have guessed (mariachi version)


Artist: King Savage & Julianno Sosa

Video: cochinae

Urban music led the trends in 2022. (Infobae Archive)
Urban music led the trends in 2022. (Infobae Archive)

For another consecutive year, the urban music once again became the protagonist of the most viewed videos of 2022 among the Colombian usersplacing artists representing reggaeton and trap in the top 10 best.

The collaboration of Blessed beside ryan castro for the Remix who tv he was left with the crown of the ranking of the most reproduced videos in Colombian lands, staying with the first place despite the fact that this hit came out in the first days of 2022.

One of the women who was unstoppable in 2022 was the Colombian Carol G, who positioned himself even more in the taste of his native country, staying at number two with his well-known video of provence.

Last year the collaborations gave big surprises and among them was that of the trio made up of Jhony Rivera, Sebastian Ayala and Andy Rivera, who with the remix of My decision they made it to the third place podium.

The next two positions, fourth and fifth place, were occupied by the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunnywho with his successes Marmoset asked me and I behave pretty They were the most successful videos among Colombian Internet users.

On the sixth step is again the Colombian singer-songwriter and rapper Blessedwho with the clip instagram he managed to conquer the pupil of his fans; as well as Global trend, success with which it also ranked seventh in the ranking of the most viewed in 2022.

In the last three positions is Ryan Castro, with the video for his song Niña de mis sueños; while the last two rungs were for Feidwith his songs Normal and Ferxxo 100.


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