Gabriel Santoyo prepares his album – El Sol de Irapuato

The talented and creative Gabriel Santoyo is working hard on the recording of his album to release it on all digital platforms; In addition, he has in mind to carry out campaigns with themes of his authorship.

The also digital creator, originally from Mexico City, when talking about his career as an actor said that having been part of the cast of the Mexican series “Kipatla” and “Señora Acero”, has meant a lot to him, and although in the two had fun, he clarified that they were two totally different projects.

“Kipatla is about values, empathy, what it means to be a human being in the fullest sense of the word and teaches you to be good, unlike ‘Señora Acero’, which is a narco-series where action scenes are shown , drug addiction, prostitution and murder”.

Of his challenges in his role as an actor, he recalled that the role he enjoyed the most was his character in the movie “Game of Heroes”, where he had to play a child with cerebral palsy.

“We had coaching for about two months to learn to do the type of gestures, movements, how to speak. It is important to mention that the character, at the age of 30, did have cerebral palsy and with him we were in coaching and with a teacher who taught us.

Gabriel commented that he would like to work alongside the film, theater and television actor, Al Pacino. With the Canadian actor and musician Keanu Reaves, with the actor and professional wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, with the Australian actor and producer Chris Hemsworth; also with the actor and documentary filmmaker Morgan Freeman; also with the American actor, producer and singer, Robert Downey Jr. and with the actor and comedian Zach Galifianakis and in addition to the American actress, singer, director, producer and businesswoman, Scarlett Johansson.

From his beginnings in the world of entertainment, who gave life to the character of Mauricio in “Cuatro Lunas”, said that since he was a child he dreamed of being an artist and started at the age of 11, having his training at the School of Acting, Performing Arts and Argos “Casazul” Audiovisuals.

“In the fourth year of primary school, the mother of a classmate of my sister Dasha (at that time she was in third grade of kindergarten) went to the school where I was to do a casting for children for a program with Israel Jaitovich, and we were a girl and I, from there I went to study acting at Casazul and to this day I continue acting and I still love it”.

Speaking about what prompted him to pursue this profession, he said that “what was initially a dream has now become a goal.”

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On what is the most complex and the most pleasant part of his career, he expressed that “complex, that you can be in a not very pleasant family situation, let’s say that someone died and if you get that called day, you will not be able to attend and apart from that you have to pretending to be good for the public, and the most pleasant thing, when you are recognized for your work, of which I lean more towards the seventh art”.

Finally, Gabriel Santoyo announced that his priority at this time is to release his album with melodies of his own inspiration and also has an interesting project in musical theater in mind.

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