Galtier more aware of Mbappé and Neymar than of Messi…

This Tuesday a new cycle formally started at Paris Saint Germain, with the officialization of the departure of Mauricio Pochettino and Christophe Galtier’s conference presentation. The new coach touched on some heavy topics, such as the need to reduce the squad so that everyone “is happy” but he asked to retain Neymar, who in recent days had dreamed of leaving.

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About whom Galtier said practically nothing was about Messi, who returned to training on Tuesday. “The last players will return on July 11. We have shortened the vacation deadlines. It is very nice that the players are already here. Neymar and Leo were expected to return today, yes.”he barely said.

Galtier’s best phrases

Galtier in conference (AP).

Galtier in conference (AP).

Neymar: “What coach would not want to have a player like him in his team? I have a very precise idea of ​​what I will expect from Neymar. I am going to meet him, but I want him to stay with us, it is always better to have a player of that class. with us”.

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Mbappe: “As a French coach, I was happy that Kylian stayed at PSG. It’s good for PSG and our championship. I haven’t spoken to him yet. I know what he expects from the team. We know what he brings, we won’t have to give him all the responsibility. and the weight of the result. He is a PSG player and all these great individuals will be at the service of the group”.

Reduce the campus: “I am a coach who likes to see his players work. And there is no performance if my players are not happy, both in the locker room and on the pitch. For them to be happy I think you have to reduce the squad. You can’t have too many players who don’t play because they’re not happy. We have to find the right squad size.”

Project: “I am going to discuss with all the players. Managing a group, with a team like this, is a privilege. You have to share with them but also impose what the strength of the group should be. We must have a common project, without any type of commitment. I’m not going to revolutionize the locker room, I know I’m going to have everyone’s support. From the moment a player is not in the project, he will be left out”.

Sensations: “I am moved, yes. I am proud. I arrived at the Park 45 minutes ago and it is a symbol. Here we say ‘Paris is here’. It generates expectations from specialists and fans. We will have to work in the right direction to make people happy “I measure my responsibility to have a great season, I have prepared myself for it. If I accepted this position, it is because I am capable of doing it. But alone it is difficult, together we are much stronger”.

The collective over individualities: “The demand, the work, the respect and the team above all else. As in all groups there will be some shortcomings. No player will be above the team. My goal is for this sum of talents to become a great team with a lot of strength. I am convinced that together we can have the best possible season”.

Market: “We are in permanent contact with Luis Campos. He knows what I expect from my team. Before thinking about hiring, we talk to Luis and the president about the system. Does Luis do the hiring? Yes. But for three years we have done it. No player comes without my consent, that is very clear.”

Playing style: “I will have very high-level players at my disposal. Very often we will have possession of the ball, facing low blocks. We will have to maintain a balance, it will not be like my previous experiences because there are not the same players.”

Line of three back: “I want to see intensity, rhythm, quick ball recoveries. I haven’t met the players yet, but I’ve discussed with the leaders what I want to do. I’ll have to put the players in the best conditions. There’s a lot of talk about a defense of three men. I’m lucky to have amazing players on the wings, but you also need players in the heart of the game. But there is an orientation towards a three-man defence, yes.”

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