Gazidis: ‘At the end of my life I would like to say that I have made my contribution to Milan’s return to the top’ | A league

Ivan Gazidis, CEO of Milan, speaks to the official website of the Rossoneri club on the occasion of the feast of Sant’Ambrogio: “I missed Milan a lot. It is a city with a strong heart. I felt this belonging during the period of the lockdown, I felt the strength of the city, the generosity of the people. In that period I perceived all these qualities and I felt part of this city. Milan has an incredible history, but it is a city that looks ahead. It is always necessary to look ahead and think about young people and their future “.

THE RETURN TO SAN SIRO – “A truly unique, special moment. Not only my professional career, but also my life. I’ll never forget it. When I arrived in Milan there were doubts that I understand, but over time I think the fans can see the vision we have for this club. It is possible, with the values ​​of the club, to take this path. Courage is needed, but Milan have always had it ”.

THE NEW STADIUM – “I understand the doubts, because San Siro is a special place, but you need to have courage. Feelings exist and cannot be questioned. The memories of San Siro will be there forever, no one will be able to erase them, it is impossible. Every league in the world that has been successful has done so by building new stadiums, with an incredible and inclusive experience for the fans. This is very important for the future. We have everything we need: football, people, fans. I see a bright future, you just need to have courage: creating new stadiums is a fundamental step if we want to be at the top of football in the world again. The San Siro area revalued? We have been working on this vision with the mayor for two years. It will be a new heart for Milan: it is not only a football project, but also a vision for the whole city ”.

AC MILAN – “We are first at the moment (smiles). We are growing. We have always said that we are at the beginning of the journey, not at the end. There is great unity at the top of the club, from president Scaroni to Maldini, Massara and myself, always with Pioli. Players see this unity and understand the vision. Everything is possible when there is unity and work ”.

ON PEGS – “He has the quality on the pitch to play the kind of football I wanted. Each player has a very important role in achieving our goals. I immediately saw the possibility of bringing Milan back to the top. This is my dream: at the end of my life I would like to say that I had a small part in this great vision. I love Milan and there is a vision for the city similar to that for the club: a modern, inclusive city that looks ahead with courage “.

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