Gedi sells the newspaper La Nuova Sardegna to the Sae Group

An agreement has been signed for the sale of the publication. Manzoni will continue to carry out advertising sales

SASSARI. The GEDI Group has announced that it has signed an agreement for the sale of the publication La Nuova Sardegna to the publishing group SAE SpA. The operation follows the sale of four GEDI titles to SAE which took place in October 2020.

“In thanking DBInformation – reads the GEDI note -, which has managed the magazine with professionalism and competence since 2016, GEDI believes that New Sardinia can now open a new page in its history, building its future starting from solid foundations. . The concessionaire A. Manzoni & C. will continue to make advertising sales for the magazine “.

The news was also announced with a press release from the Sae-Sapere Aude Editori Group: an agreement was reached with the Gedi Group for the acquisition of the newspaper La Nuova Sardegna. “The parties met yesterday, Wednesday, November 24, in Turin to sign the preliminary purchase agreement that will be finalized over the next few months – reads the Sae note -. The Sae Group, which already in October 2020 always acquired from Gedi the newspapers of Il Tirreno, Gazzetta di Modena, Gazzetta di Reggio and Nuova Ferrara, it thus intends to continue its editorial strategy of investment in authoritative and historic local newspapers, in the firm belief that local daily publishing, on paper and digital, and the professional and human heritage that it brings with it, are the fundamental prerequisite for a “back to the future” for the entire information system of our country “.

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