George Clooney: the romantic, and very crowded dinner with Amal


george clooney amal clooney

George Clooney (60) between wife Amal and mother-in-law Baria, Lebanese. The Clooneys are back in Italy after 2 years. And with them there was also their mother Baria… Photo Getty

Counted, from the photo taken from afar, there were 10. Take a look at the photos published by Page Six. George Clooney, finally back in Italy, took the speedboat and took Amal out for dinner. You and your whole family …

He, she and the Lebanese

They get off a Mr & Mrs Clooney speedboat, with the procession following them. He holds her arm as he always does. In Italy, especially. He helps her to go ashore. Destination the romantic dinner with Lebanese relatives. Her family. Among other things, the Clooney, in Laglio, continue to host lucky “strangers” this year, for charity of course. Proof? The post below …

George Clooney and his love for the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Destination of the romantic-family dinner, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Also overlooking Lake Como as Villa Oleandra. The paradise / refuge is the same one that probably welcomed the cast of House of Gucci, from Lady Gaga down …

At dinner with mother-in-law and sister-in-law

Among the Alamuddin relatives we recognize Tala, the sister who some time ago launched into the fashion world. Testimonial, more or less voluntary, the sister… With her, her husband / brother-in-law. And also mother Baria, who had made her first appearance at her daughter’s wedding, on September 26, 2014 …

amal alamuddin

Amal and mother Baria in Venice, during the three days of the Clooney wedding… Photo Getty

The Italian summer of global stars and celebs

Amal and George have been in Laglio for a few days. In short, the first photos of George Clooney’s great return are already running on the web. It is their first time in two years. After all, summer 2019 was truly unique: all the celebs in the world on holiday with us. By the sea or in the mountains. Look, and find out who was there, in our gallery.

Celebs on holiday in Italy: few (for now), but very good

For this year, we saw Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry in Venice. And Olivia Wilde with Harry Styles in Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. Where Emily Ratajkowski has also arrived. While in Florence, Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband posted their selfies. Helen Mirren is obviously in Puglia, now her home… Look at our gallery.

The return to Laglio, after two years

After two years of absence from Italy, for many days the family remained well sheltered behind the large gate. But the first time George and Amal Clooney ventured outside for a romantic dinner, the paparazzi were all ready.

george clooney, lake como

Villa Oleandra, in Laglio: Clooney bought it in 2002. Photo LaPresse

Paparazzi, fans and the Gatto Nero restaurant. A must in every stay of the star during the Larian period. Which, it is rumored, should last all summer.

Now the extended family dinner at the Gran Hotel Tremezzo… When will we go out with the twins Alexander and Ella?



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