Gérard Piqué summons justice after his breakup with Shakira

Under contract with FC Barcelona until June 2024, Gérard Piqué (35) is living through the last hectic weeks. As the Spanish defender recently announced his breakup with Shakira, the Barcelona star finds himself in the spotlight. Just like the Colombian singer, originally from Barranquilla. A media pressure which does not seem, however, to the taste of the number 3 of Barça. Via a press release, published this Thursday by his lawyers, Pique denounces the fake news published on his private life and has decided to take legal action. “Since last June 4, Shakira and Gerard Pique confirmed their separation through a joint statement, numerous rumors and alleged unverified information have been published about the player, his family and his personal life and, consequently, private»recalls the beginning of the text before concluding.

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“These reports and images not only cause damage to his honor and image, but also a serious violation of the rights of his children, whose safety and protection are his greatest concern. Gérard Piqué has always respected the activity of the media and their right to information, and is fully aware of the fundamental role they play in our society. However, in recent weeks there have been intrusions that go beyond the limits of legality, so that our client has been forced to request precautionary measures of removal and to take legal action against those who alter their lives. family and violate the rights of their children, given that Gérard Piqué’s only objective is to guarantee their well-being and restore their rights to privacy, security and tranquility.. Stung raw, Gérard counter-attacks.

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