Germán Berterame finally spoke about his future at Atlético de San Luis

San Luis Potosi, Mexico /

Given the rumors of an imminent departure from German Berterame of Atlético de San Luis, the scorer of the potosinos preferred not to give details and said he was focused on playing the league and seeking the pass to the semifinals of the MX Leaguebecause he trusts that the team can get the victory of the Hidalgo Stadium.

“My head is focused on these games, I don’t think if I have to go here in Mexico or abroad, my head is focused on the league, then I will sit down and see if there are things here or outside of MexicoI will speak with my representative, with the club and we will see”, indicated the forward of the potosinos.

He stressed that due to the good visitor results they have had in the last two tournaments and having beaten Monterey in his house, Pachuca should worry of what saint Louis can do in the game back.

“We have ours, we know that every time we go as a visitor we have left a lot on courts visitors people that’s why they have to be afraid of us and we know that until the last minute we can give everything”.

For its part, Juan Manuel Sanabriaauthor of the last minute goal with which those of Andre Jardine tied the match, pointed out that they would have preferred to go into the second leg with an advantagebut having equalized at the last moment gives them motivation to seek victory this Saturday.

“I think the play was a center that also went in very well, Facu dropped, I’m left on the rebound and luckily it was a goal. The truth is that something very nice because the stadium was full, it exploded and that joy that everyone had, we also feel it because we work hard and hopefully we can go to the semi-final. The truth is that so far it has been the most important goal I have had”, he concluded.

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