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Before Germán Cáceres disappeared, he preliminarily reported the disappearance of his wife, María Belén Bernal.

The lieutenant, who was an instructor at the Higher Police School, is the main suspect.

With the passing of days, it is known, according to the mixed versions of lawyers and witnesses, that María Belén Bernal went to the police school to visit her husband. She there she would have found her couple with a cadet in a room.

After that there was a discussion in which shouts and even calls for help were heard. After that, silence, footsteps and sounds of someone carrying a bundle up the steps.

President confirms that remains of María Belén Bernal were found and announces that femicide will not go unpunished

According to Elizabeth Otavalo, María Belén’s mother, Cáceres called her to ask if she was with her. And after not knowing anything about her, Otavalo demanded that he file a complaint about her.

Cáceres reported the disappearance on September 12. According to his account, the officer said that there was an argument with his wife before her disappearance.

In that complaint he said that after arguing with his wife he would have left her on the av. Simón Bolívar to take a taxi to her home.

María Belén Bernal and Germán Cáceres have been married since 2017. API Photo: API

Cáceres maintained that since that moment he had not appeared and that he had been calling him several times without getting answers. And that is why he proceeded to make the complaint.

According to reports, on September 13, Cáceres was required to give his version. And there he said that the discussion began in the early hours of September 11 and that they were arguing because of the jealousy of his wife.

From 7 to 10 years is the sentence for the crime that is prosecuted for a cadet involved in the disappearance of María Belén Bernal

Lawyer Bernal, who was married to Cáceres since 2017, has been missing for more than 10 days.

Joselyn SP, a 24-year-old cadet, who was apparently with Cáceres when Bernal arrived at the police school, is under arrest for the case. She is being prosecuted for involuntary disappearance.

Cáceres’ name was incorporated into the process along with Joselyn SP

Cáceres’ parents have already approached to give their version, but have chosen not to give statements to the press.

The officer has been with the Police since 2015. Before becoming an instructor, he was in the metropolitan district of Quito and Orellana. (YO)

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