Germán Villa attacks Héctor Zelada: “He’s going to steal them…”

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German Villaformer player of America and today director of the Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of Morelos, launched himself against Hector Miguel Zeladaconstantly designated as the best goalkeeper in the history of the azulcrema club, with a controversial tweet.

Initially, Jesus Mendozaanother former soccer player who went through the Eagles, posted an image in which Zelada appears with Cesilio de los Santos at a weekend barbecue, accompanied by the question “Recognize these barbecue legends?which gave way to the intervention of Villa.

From his @villavillano account, the now official wrote “that guy from the grill, The gray-haired one will steal even their meat…“, without there being a response from Mendoza or the goalkeeper.

Zelada has already been pointed out before

This is not the first time that Zelada’s moral integrity has been called into question, since not only former teammates in soccer have criticized him, but also former employees, communicators and even in other sectors.

For example, in Querétaro, in April 2013, it was announced that he was dismissed as sports director in San Juan del Río. after being accused of breach of trustin addition to being related with an alleged fraud for promoting a “ghost” party between legends of Cruz Azul and America.

Also in August 2020, an employee, who claimed to be his community manager, denounced the lack of payments, something that he did see in Zelada’s own account.

Even the Monterrey communicator Ernesto Chavana made public that a sweatshirt he had bought for him did not arrive, something that led the exporter to react and deny the version.

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