Get DOOM Eternal, one of the best indies of 2022 and 6 more games for only 10 euros

Although the Steam Winter sales are about to end, that does not mean that you will no longer be able to buy very cheap games until the next ones start. Humble Choice has very juicy monthly packages, and January’s It is crowned by DOOM Eternal, although its accompaniment is not bad at all.

id Software’s FPS needs little presentation anymore. The most frenetic, beastly, and metal-headed first-person shooter that has come out of the triple-A industry in recent years is already a great game that, for 10 euros, is really good. Thanks to Humble, you can get it for that price accompanied by 7 other titles.

When I did my review of the best indies of 2022, OlliOlli World had a guaranteed place in the ranking from moment 0. skateboard platforms It’s a highly entertaining title, and the perfect accompaniment to a violent shooter. Have you tired of busting demons? Hit some jumps with this excellent platforms.

The package also includes Tribes of Midgard, a cooperative game with touches of survival and roguelite to keep you and your friends on edge throughout the game. If what you want is something to spend hours playing with your colleagues, this game could easily be what you are looking for.

This was how the first mods in the history of PC gaming were: from Star Wars DOOM to what is now League of Legends

Finally, there are also 5 other titles included with the Humble Choice of January 2023. It is about Grow: Song of the Evertreea picturesque life simulator; encaseda post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG; Conan: Chop ChopConan’s cooperative roguelike game; Hokko Life, a very cute community and life simulator; and The Serpent Rogue, a hybrid action game/farming simulator.

All these 8 games can be yours if you sign up for this month’s Humble Choice. paying €9.99 per month, you will get monthly keys to various video games that you can keep forever. You can grab this month’s bundle, which also comes with discounts for DOOM Eternal expansions, and then unsubscribe if you want. Don’t let it get away!

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