Get It Down! Mia Khalifa Shows a Little More Than She Should


Mia Khalifa shared a video showing herself lowering her shorts a bit to show her gym results, she could have taught more than she should!

For the  Lebanese model, actress, and celebrity Mia Khalifa, showing part of the results she has had throughout these months in the gym is always a reason for joy.

That was why in one of her Instagram videos she shared part of this result, being flirtatious and lowering her shorts a bit, and showing what she had underneath.


Undoubtedly more of her fans who saw on video in her Instagram stories were amazed, a year ago she looked totally different, as we see her show off her charms and especially her abdomen.


If you are an admirer of the model and businesswoman, you will know that she is quite excited to share this type of content, because it also inspires others to change some aspects of their life and start exercising.

Although the publication he made recently does not show his parts, as surely some would have wanted to see, it gives us an idea of ​​all the progress he has had over the months, at least one sigh will have released more than any.

This time she was wearing a top that showed her enormous charms a bit, as well as tiny red shorts that were quite tight, like the clothes she usually uses to go to the gym.

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