Get the Royal Remains armor in Elden Ring

There is a great set of armor and pieces that we can get throughout our Elden Ring games, some armor that can give us a multitude of status benefits and useful skills.

However, being able to find the most valuable armor requires overcoming a multitude of missions, or finding them hidden in a multitude of places, and specifically the armor known as the Royal Remains is one that you will want to obtain due to its abilities.

And it’s not complicated but you’re likely to miss it, so we tell you how to get Royal Remains armor in Elden Ring so that you have it as soon as possible.


Elden Ring Analysis

Where is the Royal Remains armor in Elden Ring

We will tell you that this armor will provide us with a decent amount of physical damage negation, as well as robustness and immunity.

Above all, it stands out for its passive ability, since each piece of armor will provide a very useful healing effect. This way, if a player falls below 18% health, they will start regenerating their health at a rate of 2 HP per piece per second.

Well, to find her you have to run into Ensha’s supporting character who stands guard outside the small library where Gideon makes his home at the table of lost grace.

Elden Ring

We will run into this character leaning against a wall if we explore around the table of lost grace, but he will basically ignore us. But once you have a piece of Haligtree’s secret medallion you will be invaded by this character who will have the intention of ending your life.

Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll be rewarded with a Fist Weapon and can return to the area where Ensha was originally leaning against the wall to pick up the Royal Remains armor set.

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