Gigi Méndez and Coby Cantillo collectively in “Televidante” – El Sol de León

gigi mendezis premiering together with his new single titled “the audience”Which he made in collaboration with Kobi Cantillo.

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“The theme arises after a relationship from the past that ended quite badly, this is the first song that I speak directly about my feelings. It’s a story, where we talk about being in someone’s process. are, watch their growth and finally break down, which is written Carlos Julian Martinez, Kid Fresco, Kobi Cantillo And for me”.

On his collaboration with the singer-songwriter Coby Cantillo, Gigi spoke: “Kobe He’s an artist I’ve always admired and because it’s a romantic tune, I immediately thought of him. “I uploaded a preview on social networks, my group contacted him and he agreed from the beginning.”

About the brand new ingredient of the one he stated “Subject and style, it’s a topic that completely took me out of my comfort zone where I opened up about my feelings.”

The 24-year-old Venezuelan introduced that there are a number of music, movies and collaborations coming with nationwide and worldwide artists.

He advised about his beginnings “I started at a very young age in the national system of orchestras, I exclusively played the instrument (I did not sing). Later I took classes with Manolo de Freitas, who conducted the program “La Voz Inbatable” broadcast on Sabado Sensational I was introduced to the world of television through I dedicated a few years to competitions until I started translating my ideas into a studio, writing songs for national and international artists.

Continuous: “In 2022 I moved to Mexico looking for extra alternatives and the Danger Music label made me a suggestion.” “My stage title is an acronym, every “G” having a which means, the primary being for my title origin and the second being for “girl” which honors and values ​​my femininity.”

What had been the difficulties you confronted alongside the way in which and the way did you overcome them? gigi mendez She assured that “in the artistic environment we deal with the arrogance of other artists, who don’t always respect or recognize your work, especially as a woman, we are exposed to masculinity in an industry mostly led and made up of men.” Lots of conditions undergo.” “My approach of coping with it’s to work twice as onerous and let my music converse for me.”

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The artist stated that for him music means an escape mechanism in addition to a type of expression that empowers and encourages those that search to meet their desires with love and self-discipline.

“One of my biggest dreams is to sing at the Superbowl or at the opening of a European league game, also I would love to record with Micro TDH, Neutro Shorty, Big Soto, Yrge, Jambin, Brilla and a huge list of national talents Outside of our borders, I greatly admire the work of Young Mikko, Omar Kortz, and King Savage.

to end, gigi mendez expressed “I grew up listening to Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrusmainly they had been my inspiration, particularly Miley I’ve seen since I used to be younger hannah montana And I used to be obsessed with the entire course of.


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