Goodbye speeding fears

The speedometer has finally arrived in the Apple Maps app.

Google apps evolve at their own pace when it comes to features. Some, surprisingly, debuted on iOS first. Others spent months on Android and then migrated to Apple’s operating system years later. The feature we’re talking about today is one of that latter group.

Google Maps is starting to update on iOS and CarPlay, adding a feature that has long been present on Android: the speedometer. Thanks to this feature, we will always be able to know the GPS speed at which we are traveling.

The speedometer feature has been present in Android since 2019, and it’s been raining ever since. For five years, the feature was exclusive to Google’s operating system, for some reason we didn’t know.

For several days now, the speedometer has been rolling out to the Google Maps app for iOS, allowing iPhones to take advantage of the rival operating system’s exclusive feature.

To activate it, we just need to go to Google Maps SettingsNavigation settings and activate speedometerOnce activated, every time you drive a car or motorcycle, it will be activated in the navigation interface.

Maps news is usually delivered via the server, not via an app update. This means you probably won’t see it yet, as the feature is being released progressively.

In a few days, you’ll see this feature in the iPhone app. When you connect your phone to a CarPlay-compatible vehicle, you’ll also be able to use the speedometer.

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