Government forces brands to advance money


Government Pedro Sanchez extended assistance for the purchase of cars with 100% electric motors until 2025. The measure does not mitigate the problems faced by the auto sector as the processes that force customers to receive benefits into their bank accounts have not been corrected. lateness up to two yearswhat made brands like MG, Fiat, Jeep, Opel or Renault to advance money to increase sales of electric vehicles.

The carmakers, this newspaper has learned, will keep the rebates if customers use their finance services so they don’t have to wait up to two years to get their money. One of the main reasons consumers don’t claim the rebates is because their taxes have to be added to their tax return.

MG was the first to announce this measure. Chinese automaker expects blanket discounts Move plan III – up to 7,000 euros – for customers who pay for any car in the electric range. Customers can thus benefit from the aid amount without waiting for the grace period and benefit from the moment of purchasing the car under the state purchase incentive program.

The development of these electric vehicle assistive devices is at no cost to the customer and is fully subsidized by the brand. The interest rate on the loan for customers is 0% for 12 months with an 11-month grace period plus the final payment. The customer can cancel it early and with a 0% fee if they receive the subsidy before the end of the loan term.

This pioneering action is another step towards MG’s goal of promoting electromobility in Spain, which the brand is promoting through a range of affordable, high-quality models and the latest electrification, safety and connectivity technologies.

Stellantis offers help

Advance, which was also launched by Stellantis Group. For example, Fiat, which has an ideal range thanks to its characteristics and advantages allowing a step towards 100% electric mobility, offers interesting benefits that can be enjoyed while driving a Fiat 500 or an electric Fiat 600 with complete transparency and without worries, among them an advance payment in up to 7,000 euros as part of the Moves III plan and a completely free Wallbox charging station.

auxiliary means for electric vehicles

The latest manufacturer to join the measure following consumer discontent was Renault. The French carmaker announced that from July 1 it would provide tax breaks in line with the MOVES III program to customers who finance their purchase with Mobilization of financial servicesso the customer will not have to pay up to €7,000 for Moves on any electric vehicle in the range.

In fact, with maximum assistance from the Moves III program, the price of the 100% electric version of the Renault 5 E-Tech techno Comfortable autonomy with 150 hp (52 kWh) starts from 24,584 euros.

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