Grey’s Anatomy: The Reason The Drama Can’t Survive Without Ellen Pompeo

One of the actors who recently left Grey’s Anatomy expressed doubts that the show can continue to function without its lead actress Ellen Pompeo, something that has sparked comments from fans of the medical drama.

Rumors of an end to Grey’s Anatomy they continue to grow more and more, especially after the last arcs that the plot showed in season 18. Insinuating that Dr. Meredith Gray (played by Ellen Pompeo), would leave the hospital to accept a job offer away from the place. In addition to this story, the main star herself has been revealing that she wants the medical drama to end with or without her. However, recent comments from one of the former cast members have set off alarm bells.

Grey’s Anatomy: What will happen to the drama without Ellen Pompeo?

First broadcast in 2005 by the television network ABC, Grey’s Anatomy has become one of the most popular medical dramas. The show recently concluded its 18th season, continuing the story of Dr. Meredith Gray and the group of doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Despite the fact that the series is very popular, the comments of some of its most important stars, such as Ellen Pompeo, have questioned its future.

In fact, a recent interview of the actor Jessie Williams for Access Hollywood, analyzes the situation in which the drama of ABC. Expressing his opinion on whether or not he could survive the departure of Ellen Pompeo, assuring that it is “unlikely” to happen. Williams explains that Pompeo is very much the heart of the show, and without her, it just wouldn’t be the same:

“I don’t know, it would be a different show, she’s the heart of that show, she’s Grey, so unlikely. But then again, I don’t work there anymore, so it doesn’t matter what she thinks.”

From the middle of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomyviewers watched as Dr. Meredith Gray began to analyze a job proposal from Dr. David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher) to join your team. Where he could continue his Alzheimer’s research, but in Minnesota. Although the final episode did not define Meredith’s decision very well.

Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams explains why the drama won’t work without Ellen Pompeo

While this is good news for fans of Grey’s Anatomy who hope to see more of the character of Ellen Pompeo in season 19. It is not clear if the drama will continue beyond this new installment, but it is clear that the show will continue without Pompeo, even though Jessie Williams don’t think the same.

Although it is true that there are not many members of the original cast of Grey’s Anatomy, so without its main character, it seems unlikely that the show will be able to please fans for many more seasons. But, it only remains to wait for the decisions of the television network ABC and the actress Ellen Pompeo.

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