Grey’s Anatomy: This actress had the same disease in real life and in the series

A Grey’s Anatomy actress will tell her whole life as an anecdote that she could dramatize for fans of the medical drama, the illness that afflicted her for a long time in real life.

Grey’s Anatomy It is a chain program ABC that has tried to reflect from its beginnings the reality that some people can experience when they suffer from an illness or are victims of some trauma. Obviously, there are more unlikely cases than others, however the common denominator is that what we see on screen most of the time is what happens in real life.

Grey’s Anatomy has worked very hard to make its stories fit as closely as possible with reality.

This is how we have been able to observe for 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy what patients with cancer or chronic diseases such as diabetes experience, what those who undergo organ transplants face and how much women who have high-risk pregnancies suffer. pregnancy risk or loss.

Some of these illnesses were suffered by the doctors of Gray Sloan Memorial, such as Izzie Stevens (katherine heighl) who in season 4 realized that he had a serious melanoma. For his part, George O’Malley (TR Knight), Derek Shepherd (patrick dempsey), April Kepner (SarahDrew), Callie Torres (Sarah Torres) and Meredith Gray herself (Ellen Pompeo) were some of those who starred in Grey’s Anatomy plots in which they suffered incredible trauma.

Like the time six of the doctors were in a plane crash or when a shooter entered the Gray Sloan Memorial facility (then Grace in Seattle) to kill everyone he thought was responsible for the crime. death of his wife. But showing amazing cases is not the only goal of Grey’s Anatomy. This program has also been given the task of raising awareness about important issues such as sexual diversity and has also raised its voice so that people can know the symptoms of unknown diseases.

In episode 19 of season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy, the production of the series introduces for the first time a case based on Kawasaki disease starring an actress who had suffered from it in real life along with her young son, the actress Sarah Chalk. The chapter shows a giant gas tanker truck exploding on a highway, leading to the injured being admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, a single mother (played by Chalke) struggles to uncover the mysterious illness that has been plaguing her son.

The surprising thing about the story is that Sara and her stepson, Charlie, contracted Kawasaki disease, which is characterized by the fact that doctors almost never get the diagnosis right., many years before the case was presented on Grey’s Anatomy. After fighting to see a specialist, they both received the correct treatment, however, she was left with the feeling that she should do something so that more and more people know about this pathology.

That was how Sara Chalke went to the creators of Grey’s Anatomy to present the story, including Shonda Rhimes, and they all agreed to feature her on the show. The result was a success and the objective was fulfilled, in addition to making Kawasaki disease known, the production wanted to talk about the importance of the doctor always listening to his patients.

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