Grey’s Anatomy: This is how the ABC drama hid Chyler Leigh’s pregnancy

Grey’s Anatomy, during its long on-screen career, has demonstrated the skills that the production team has when it comes to hiding the pregnancies of the actresses when they are filming. But the way he did it with Chyler Leigh, it was subtly unnoticeable.

Grey’s Anatomy is heading towards the end of its 18th season in ABC. The long-running hit series, which airs on Thursdays each week, is set to conclude this part of the Meredith Gray story (Ellen Pompeo) and the other doctors who make life at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, the last days of May, as the television network has it programmed.

Production of Grey’s Anatomy hid Chyler Leigh’s pregnancy in season 5

The medical drama premiered in 2005; and since then, it has entered the hearts of millions of viewers around the world, who season after season have remained hooked on their screens, enjoying the richness of the fascinating stories of each of the characters that make life on Grey’s Anatomy. .

And it is not only the plots presented over almost two decades that have been the attraction of Grey’s Anatomy. Although the narrative full of love, disappointments, romances and unexpected turns, are an important part as well as the talent of its extraordinary cast, to a large extent the production team behind the cameras, makes an enormous contribution to the medical drama getting on screen. as seen.

It’s the people behind the scenes at Grey’s Anatomy who do everything in their power to make the stories that come out on screen as believable as possible. That is why when Chyler Leigh became pregnant while filming the ABC series playing Lexie Grey, the production came up with an ingenious idea to hide her belly from the cameras.

Other Grey’s Anatomy actresses like Ellen Pompeo, Camilla Ludington either Jessica Capshawwhen they got pregnant while filming the series, the production looked for a way to keep her belly from showing on screen, but what they did with Chyler Leigh is arguably one of the strangest examples.

In Grey’s Anatomy, Chyler Leigh’s weight gain due to her pregnancy was justified by making her character eat out of anxiety generated by stress

Chyler Leigh stayed with her character on Grey’s Anatomy from 2007 to 2012. In 2009, while the show’s fifth season was filming, the actress was pregnant with her third child. And because they didn’t want to write her real-life story on the ABC series, drama creator Shonda Rhimes and her team came up with a pretty weird way to cover up Lexie’s weight gain.

It turns out that in addition to making Lexie Gray wear robes and baggy pants, the Grey’s Anatomy writer included a new habit for the character that involved stress eating. Although it was not the most credible argument, it allowed the actress to overcome her pregnancy and meet the shooting schedule. When Leigh had her baby in late 2009, she returned to the series.

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