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Her sweet gaze, charming smile and a lot of talent have made the young actress Guadalupe Farfanthe popular July in ‘There is room in the background’win the affection of the public night after night.

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Guadalupe, how old are you?

I am 18 years old.

Do you look anything like July from ‘In the background there is room’?

Yes, in his personality. The courage he has to get ahead and meet his goals.

Has being July changed your life?

Yes, they write to me a lot on social networks, being recognized by the public is a bit complicated.

What lessons are you learning and would you like to share?

The truth is, I think we should be very sure of ourselves and not be afraid. You have to take risks to improve as people.

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Are you what your zodiac sign says?

I am Cancer: sensitive, but with a very strong character.

You’re a girl…


What is the trait of your personality that you like the most?

That I always dare to go out of my comfort zone to do new things and I take risks to fulfill my dreams.

How many characters have you played so far?

Six with July.

Would you change anything about July?

No, because it will surely give much more.

A disappointment that so far you can’t get over…

Losing a casting for being 17 years old.

Are you still studying at the university?

I study Performing Arts, I am in fourth cycle. But for the moment I have left it, next year I will take it up again. With Mónica Sánchez and Giovanni Ciccia I am learning a lot.

A color of clothes you don’t like…

The Orange.

Do you prefer to wear sneakers or heels?

I love tacos.

What garment is your favourite?

I love skirts.

In your social networks, what is the recurring question?

Yes, I am the niece of Jefferson Farfán. I tell them no, I’m not the niece of Jefferson (Farfan).

How do you take care of your curls?

It’s complicated, but I try to take care of them as much as possible.

An actress you admire…

Emma Stone.

Are you an influencer or youtuber?

I don’t consider myself that way, I’m an actress, but I support entrepreneurs who request my content.

A character you would like to play?

It would be a great challenge for me to play the villain.

Are you casting for other productions?

I have had and have several proposals, but I have decided to focus on ‘AFHS’, to give everything of myself, learn and grow as an actress.


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