Guillermo Lasso, outraged by the filing of the investment law, denounces alleged blackmail by assembly members and requests for money in exchange for votes | Policy | News

Exalted he showed himself President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, Upon hearing the decision of the National Assembly to deny and file your proposal for law of investments. This led him to make public, although without giving names, that they were blackmailing him asking for charges and even cash in exchange for votes.

“It is the last straw for those Assembly members who have come to ask the Government for money in cash. We cannot allow the corruption of tax evaders, who want to change their vote so that we do not tax them. In this country, the truth must be told: some for public office and others for money, and others for tax evasion,” Lasso said in a video released on social networks, minutes after Parliament ruled on the bill. .

The president offered that he will analyze the alternatives contemplated by the Constitution to generate jobs for women and young people. “You first; later, these thieves ”, he pointed out in reference to the assembly members.

The Parliament, with 87 affirmative votes from the benches of Union for Hope (UNES), Pachakutik (PK) and the Democratic Left (ID), He denied and filed this March 24 the proposal for an investment law, an initiative of the Government, which was sent with the urgent economic character.

This Thursday the term of 30 days expired so that the Legislative Function pronounced itself; otherwise, it would enter into force by decree-law.

Hours before, the legislators of these same benches had denied with 89 votes the majority report that was prepared in the Economic Development Commission.

A recess of an hour and a half was given so that the president of the legislative table, Daniel Noboa (United Ecuadorian), include adjustments to the project, but he did not come back with a proposal.

National Assembly denied and archived Executive investment law

Then, at about 4:00 p.m., a vote was arranged on a motion raised by PK legislator Darwin Pereira to file and deny the proposal, which was approved with 87 votes.

Disillusioned, the head of state accused the National Assembly of having turned its “backs” on women and young people by denying them —through this article— the opportunity to generate “jobs and prosperity.”

President Guillermo Lasso attacks former candidate Xavier Hervas and denounces possible tax evasion

Then, he revealed: “This law has been denied because we have not accepted the blackmail of assembly members who come to ask for hospitals, electric companies, ministries in exchange for their votes; (…) I have to report. We are going to analyze all the alternatives established in the Constitution to insist and fight for those opportunities [a las] that the people aspire to, a job, entrepreneurship”, he stressed.

She added: “The only thing these gentlemen of the Assembly have done is make those women and young people lose that opportunity. (…) They are thieves and corrupt. It must be said clearly, and you know it, they are outraged against these politicians. Well, I tell you as president that I have an obligation to find the best constitutional paths to achieve the opportunities you deserve. You first; later, these thieves”, he sentenced. (I)

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