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The elimination in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar with a defeat against Senegal (2-1) marked the end of Gustavo Alfaro as technical director of Ecuador. That November 29, 2022, for reasons of the contract signed with the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) in 2020, the link came to an end. The automatic renewal was activated last March after qualifying for the World Cup, but in addition to that there was no more.

“I need time to find out what I’m going to do with my professional career,” he said at the last press conference he attended as Ecuador’s coach.

A month and twelve days have passed since his statements to the media and he has not made a formal statement again. Neither was the president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), Francisco Egas.

Gustavo Alfaro is ‘disgusted’ with the FEF. Source assures EL UNIVERSO that he will not renew with the Ecuadorian team

It became known before the end of the World Cup in Qatar that Gustavo Alfaro was upset with the Federation because the entity supposedly owes him salaries. “Alfaro is very upset with the Ecuadorian Football Federation. Nobody called him, nobody contacted him, nobody paid him what he owes. They owe him salaries and prizes for having reached the World Cup. He arrived at the World Cup with a significant debt from the Federation ”slipped the Argentine journalist Martín Liberman in space mark 90, produced in Ecuador and broadcast on YouTube. “I don’t know how much they owe him, but they owe him money,” she added.

With what face does Gustavo Alfaro summon Ángel Mena to the Ecuadorian team?

Members of the FEF did not react to Liberman’s statements, much less did the agency or its main authority, Egas, who was peppered with the comments, formally pronounce.

“It seems to me from what I was able to find out on that side that he considers that there is a struggle of egos. Is Egas the lord (who presides over the FEF)? It seems that he is quite an egocentric man… Alfaro was waiting for them to call him and say: ‘Look, has he already thought about it? Does he want to stay with us? He doesn’t want to go on?’ That call never happened. So he says: ‘Well, at least the other (call) happens’, the one about ‘we want to cancel all the money we owe you’. That call didn’t happen either. Ergo. I feel that things are getting closer to ending than to returning to a good port. This is information, not an assumption.”said the Argentine communicator.

Despite this version, as published on January 9 by the Quito newspaper Trade, Alfaro “arranges in these hours his continuity in the Ecuadorian team with the Ecuadorian Football Federation.” “But weeks ago he took a part of the furniture that he had in the home that he rented in Cumbayá, in Quito,” reveals the newspaper.

In the morning hours of this Thursday, another journalist from Argentina, César Luis Merlo, a specialist in the transfer market in Latin America, announced through social networks that Alfaro will not continue as Ecuador’s coach.

“Although they let him know that they wanted to renew him, he decided not to continue because he did not see that the conditions were given to plan for the future if things from the recently completed cycle had not been fulfilled”Merlo pointed out.

as revealed The Commerce, the FEF owed money from the salaries to Gustavo Alfaro and his technical team. One of those close to the albiceleste technical director would have pointed out that the accumulated amount was three months, until mid-December, plus the prize for qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Ecuadorian soccer rector has not commented on the matter.


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