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“That bitch is dead.” That was the message that was posted from Dee Dee Blanchard’s Facebook account in the early morning hours of June 14, 2015 and alerted her followers. No one suspected that the author of the publication, and also of the murder, was Gypsy Rose, her daughter, the one everyone saw in a wheelchair, dressed as a princess and suffering from cancer.

When the police entered the pink house – which had been a gift from a foundation due to the condition of gypsy– found a dee dee lifeless in his bed, with more than 15 stab wounds around his back.

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I stabbed that fat pig and raped her sweet innocent daughter. Her scream was so loud. LOL”. That was the second post on the social network and the police became concerned about more than just the murder: Gypsy Rose was not in the house and there was no sign of her.

A person who suffered from leukemia, needed to use a wheelchairhad the mental capacity of a seven-year-old girl -despite being 24- and required a feeding tube she was lost, possibly in the hands of a murderer and abuser.

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At that time, the authorities began an operation to find GypsyRose. However, the posts made on Facebook turned out to be the way to find the killer, because the location was traced.

The surprise of the police came when, instead of finding a man with a young woman hostage, They located Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, at a motel. The woman he could walk, communicate perfectly, and seemed in excellent health.

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After holding them Gypsy Rose was examined by doctors who declared that she did not have cancer, her legs had no major problem and she did not require a feeding tube.

At that time, the investigation pointed to Gypsy Rose and Nicholas Godejohn as the main suspects in the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard. Both eventually accepted their involvement in the murder.

Gypsy Rose, victim or victimizer?

When gypsy born in 1991 was a completely healthy girl. Nevertheless her mother, Dee Dee, believed her daughter was extremely ill. Shortly after her birth, she separated from her father. gypsy, for which she turned out to be the main person responsible for the minor. That was when she began her suffering.

Due to the conclusions reached by the corresponding doctors, Dee Dee suffered from a condition called Munchausen syndrome by proxyin which, according to the specialized portal Medlineplus, a caregiver of a minor “invents false symptoms or provokes real ones to make it appear that the child is sick”.

In this sense, the woman he was a victim of his mother’s condition. When she was little, she took her to the emergency room saying that the minor had seizures, she also assured that she suffered from leukemia and that she could not walk, among hundreds of other conditions.

Apparently, Dee Dee shaved Gypsy’s hair to make her look more like someone undergoing cancer treatment. He assured her that her legs were not working and even managed to get a doctor to install a tube to feed her.

When the doctors began to ask questions about Gypsy and her alleged illnesses, Dee Dee changed professionals and clinics.. In addition, she never let the minor attend a school or interact with people her age.

The minor was completely under the care of her mother, since her father no longer lived with them.  (Photo: HBO).
The minor was completely under the care of her mother, since her father no longer lived with them. (Photo: HBO).

Throughout her childhood, the minor consumed medications for her heart, for the alleged seizures, for her stomach, for her circulation, she even had an operation on her eyes because Dee Dee claimed that she did not see well. Anyway, the illnesses for the minor did not end.

In fact, Gypsy was a beneficiary of foundations such as ‘Make a Wish’, which grants wishes to minors with terminal illnesses.

He traveled to the parks of Orlando, USAand even received a pink House in Missouri fully adapted for the mobility of a person in a wheelchair. There he lived with his mother until the day of the murder.

As Gypsy told the media outlet ’20/20′, she began to suspect in her teens that her mother was exaggerating her medical conditionbut he felt so dependent on her that he didn’t dare question her.

There are some diseases that I knew I didn’t have. I knew I didn’t need the catheter, I could eat and I knew I could walk, but I did believe my mom when she told me she had leukemia.”, he commented.

The courtship that ended in murder

Eventually the only contact he had gypsy with the outside was through the internet. Although Dee Dee also controlled her access to the computer, Gypsy managed to learn the password to enter and at night, while her mom was asleep, He connected to a Christian page to find a partner.

By that time it was already 2012 and Gypsy was 21 years old, despite the fact that even her age was something that Dee Dee manipulated, as she assured him that she was younger.

It was there that he met Nicholas Godejohn, a young man who has been described by his own lawyers as “an autistic man and just that he kept a job holding a sign outside a pizzeria.”

Although initially the conversations were innocent between the two, they quickly began to turn sexual and even included photos where Gypsy became “Ruby”, her supposed “bad side”.

Eventually, The couple fell in love in such a way that they decided to meet in person, hiding from their mother.

Once, during 2015, mother and daughter went to the movies and, with the excuse that they had to go to the bathroom, gypsy met with godejohnto whom he had sent money to travel to Missouri.

As both testified at the time, that day, on their first meeting, they had sex in the men’s bathroom of the cinema. As a result of this, the couple began to create what would be the plan to assassinate Dee DeeWell, as Godejohn has testified, it was the only way they could be together.

June 14, 2015

Godejohn asserts that Gypsy masterminded his mother’s murder, while he just “did as he was told.”

Nevertheless, gypsy He commented in the interview with ’20/20′ that “there is a big difference between someone who asks another person to kill someone and someone who actually does it. (…) I would not kill anyone. I could never do it physically.”

That night apparently Gypsy let him into her house and gave him the necessary tools to carry out the crime.. Godejohn claims that while he was stabbing the woman and she was calling for her daughter, Gypsy was locked in the bathroom and they later had sex.

In an interview with the ABC media, Gypsy, who is serving her 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, commented that when she heard her mother call her in desperation, she wanted to go out and help her, but “she was afraid ”.

Godejohn, on the other hand, received a life sentence for first-degree murder.

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