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Halo Infinite has a problem, pointed out on Twitter by Digital Foundry’s John Linneman: the game it is not present entirely on the disk, which means that a download additional.

In the review of the Halo Infinite campaign we wrote about how the new episode of the series has managed to keep its promises, offering us an engaging and fulfilling experience but also full of Announcements.

The issue of the compulsory download, however, represents a significant limitation for Linneman, especially from the point of view of software preservation from here to several years: a theme that the author has always held in high regard.

“My biggest criticism of Halo Infinite is that the disc does not contain a bootable game,” Linneman wrote. “This is the first episode of Halo that you can’t actually own how stand alone copy. “

“This is not a positive trend and I hope that Microsoft may reconsider these types of choices in the future, “added the Digital Foundry collaborator.

Maybe the Redmond house hasn’t paid too much attention to the issue as most people will fall back on the version in any case. Xbox Game Pass by Halo Infinite? Hard to say.

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