Harry Styles broke his pants during the show: Did he have a jockstrap? Harry Styles broke his pants during the show | Trends

The renowned singer and one of the young millionaires of the United Kingdom, Harry Styles, continues with his concert tour around the world. His most recent presentation was last Wednesday, January 25. in Los Angeles, California, where he had an unforgettable presentation.

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During his show, The British singer had an embarrassing moment, because while he was making his euphoric presentation and because of a risky movement, his pants tore, exposing his crotch.

The 28 year old, lHe was wearing brown leather pants that could not stand the movement and that ended up breaking, leaving his underwear in full view of thousands of spectators and forcing him to immediately cover himself with his hands.

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Fortunately The interpreter of ‘Golden’, realized what happened almost immediately and ashamed, she ran with her hands in her crotch to find another piece of clothing and change quickly.

The moment that would end with a standing ovation from his audience, led to it being recorded by others and quickly spread on social networks. Despite the embarrassing situation, the artist did not hesitate to apologize: “I feel like I have to apologize, this is a family show.”

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Just on digital platforms, a debate arose regarding the type of underwear she was wearing, Well, there are those who affirm that the singer had a jockstrap and others, say that he was wearing underpants.

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