He compared the “gringos” with Latinos when they are hungry and the comments exploded

Espfel is a Venezuelan who is currently based in Miami. Being in a country that is not yours, lives daily experiences that are not typical of their culture. Although they cause strangeness, he usually takes them with humor.

Their social networks have become a reflection of these “culture clashes”, especially your tiktok account, in which she dedicates herself to parodying (the young woman is also an actress) everyday situations. In one of her most recent clips, the young woman herself compared the way americans act when they are hungryin contrast to Latinos.

I’m hungry (I’m hungry)”, is heard at the beginning of the clip in which the young woman parodies an American. Wearing jean shorts, pink sandals and a white diver, the young woman enters a 7-Eleven (the famous department store chain in the United States), and she decides on a simple and very cheap snack: a hot dog, for only US$1.99.

A tiktoker showed the difference between Latinos and "gringos" when they are hungry

A tiktoker showed the difference between Latinos and “gringos” when they are hungry

Then it was her turn to imitate the actions of a Latina. On this occasion, the wardrobe changes and her attitude too. In the video, she wears jeans and a brown crop top. To add drama, she includes a suitcase in the shot since the young woman herself would be traveling, in this case in Miami. According to Espfel, Latinos, unlike what an American would do, they are not very simple at lunch time. That is why it is appreciated how he first searches for the best restaurant in the area, where he goes to taste a hearty bowl of noodles. “No matter the price, then we solve”, comments the young woman, who spent about 200 dollars on her excursion.

The influencer’s material caught the attention of the virtual community and so far has had almost a million reproductions and more than 600 comments, most of them as a sign of clear identification. “Definitely all Latinos are like that”; “In Latin America every day you save, on vacation we give ourselves our tastes,” they wrote to him. Some more told him that they had “gringa blood”, because they prefer saving.

A tiktoker shows how Americans and Latinos spend Christmas

A tiktoker joked about how Americans and Latinos spend Christmas

As mentioned, women tend to show the differences between Latinos and Americans. In another of her contents with the most reproductions, she shows how life is lived celebration of Christmas in both cultures.

According to the tiktoker, Latinos tend to dress very elegantly. In that clip she appears in a long green dress, in addition to heavy makeup and plates of food in her hands. On the other hand, she represents Americans in a much lighter way, wearing pajamas and only bringing a bottle of wine and gifts to celebrate December 24.


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