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The oldest of the Jenners has generated a great controversy that has divided Internet users. The model sparked a discussion on social media after being caught walking through Beverly Hills on a rainy day with her bodyguard holding an umbrella for her, while he walks behind without any protection from the rain.

In the images broadcast through the RRSS, Kendall is seen with a blue hoodie and a cell phone in her hand followed closely by her bodyguard, who accompanied her to her car holding an umbrella over the model’s head. As expected, as the magazine ‘Elle’ points out on its websiteb, the moment went viral in a matter of minutes on social networks and immediately many users began to criticize the gesture by the famous.

Opinions on the action of Kendal Jenner

In that context, a Reddit user wrote: “I would be embarrassed because…why should someone hold my umbrella? I would hold it alone and invite the man to hide there too.” Likewise, other Internet users also decided to join the discussion on Twitter, calling the model’s action “out of place” and herself as “capricious” and “spoiled”, terms that have been used on other occasions when referring to the daughter by Kris Jenner.

And, although many criticisms came to light about it, There were also people who defended the Kardashian sister, arguing that it is the job of security and that he is aware of his duties.. The actor James Andre Jefferson Jr. was one of the defenders of the model, through a video he assured: “You are all so soft. That man is being paid. If he does not give a damn, why What do you give a c * cojo?”, he said.

Criticism of Kendall Jenner for her privileges

It is not the first time that the model has been involved in a scandal due to its privileges. In fact, in a viral clip from The Kardashians, Kendall went to make herself a sandwich and didn’t know how to properly hold and cut a cucumber; action that caused a huge group of Internet users to make fun of her and the Kardashian-Jenner clan, specifies the aforementioned medium.

Although she may have personal privileges, a few years ago, Kylie’s sister denied enjoying them in the modeling world, she assured that to get a place in this industry she had to work just like the other girls have done. “She did everything I had to and had to do to get to the position I am in today as a model. I went to all the castings, I traveled to a lot of cities, not only New York, but all of Europe trying to get a job and make my way, ”she said during a program with Andy Cohen. In this sense, Jenner said that contrary to what one might think, belonging to a famous family, highly mediated, was an obstacle that she had to overcome, since in the modeling industry she was viewed with great suspicion and was not It gave him a chance to show off his talent.

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