“He hid as he could by looking at his mobile phone”

This past Sunday the final event of the ‘Kings League’ took place, where Gerard Piqué would have lived an uncomfortable moment, when a rapper sang a version of the song ‘Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53’ by Shakira.

What exactly happened during the event?

This past Sunday, March 26, the final of the ‘Kings League’ was held, a soccer league led by Gerard Piqué. It should be noted that this event took place at the Camp Nou in Barcelona and although everything seemed to be going perfectly, apparently the former soccer player had an uncomfortable moment when they covered his ex-partner’s popular song Shakira.

The song they covered was ‘Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53’ by Shakira and Bizarrap, where there are several references to Gerard Piqué. Likewise, some hints are also included for the current partner of the Spanish, Clara Chía Martí.

According to Europa Press, apparently Gerard Piqué “arrived by helicopter at the stadium” accompanied by his two youngest children, but at one point during the event he seemed uncomfortable.

“A final in which Piqué has taken center stage and in which, accompanied by his sons Milan and Sasha, he has shown himself relaxed, smiling and very close to both the members of the different Kings League teams and the friends who have supported him on this special day”, explain in the middle.

Everything would indicate that Gerard Piqué’s smile would have disappeared when he starred in the awkward moment with the song, when listening to a version of ‘Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53’ by Shakira.

Why would he have bothered?

It all started when a rapper sang the song of Shakirawhich caused the obvious discomfort of Gerard Piqué.

“Apart from the boredom of Milan and Sasha, which by the way Piqué seemed unaware, the Catalan experienced another most uncomfortable moment during the final, when one of the rappers who sang in the final covered the famous ‘Session #53 ‘ by Shakira including some phrases like ‘sorry that you get it-Pique’. While the audience laughed and chanted the battle of rappers, Gerard hid it as best he could by looking at his mobile phone as if it weren’t the thing with him ”, they added.

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