“He is like that, I’m not going to argue about that” – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied that donald trump there is disrespected and that will not argue on the statements of the former president of the United States, who assured this Saturday that “folded” to AMLO with the program “stay in mexico”.

Questioned about this issue in the morning conference, the Mexican president reiterated that the Republican he likes hereven though it is “capitalist”. However, she warned that will not allow that Mexico be used as pinata during the Electoral campaigns taking place in the US this year.

I like Trump, although he is a capitalist. The truth is that we understood each other and it was good for both nations. Now I am feeling that Mexico is being talked about more in the United States and it is important that we Mexicans know why. This year will see elections in the US”, AMLO affirmed this Monday in the National Palace.

“So, both those of one party and the other, they are wanting to put Mexico in their discussion topics, trying to get raja. Us We are not going to allow any party or candidate to use Mexico as a piñata and that they are going to have to treat us with respect, as we who are respectful do it”, he sentenced.

In this context, the head of the Executive said that he will call on Mexicans and Hispanics living in the United States to join and vote against of the parties and candidates who reach “mistreat” to some Latin American country during their campaigns.

When someone exceeds and offends, we will point it out so that our countrymen can help us, because there are 40 million Mexicans living in the US, it is the largest Hispanic community. We have to defend our Latin American countrymen, from all over the continent”, he pointed out.

Finally, López Obrador invited people who want to know more about his government’s relationship with Donald Trump to read his book. Half way.

“For those who want to know more, I am going to advertise here, I wrote it, it is my last book. He is very punctual, in detail“, said.

He is like thatyou have to see the circumstances. I’m not going to argue about that. In my book I tell how the relationship was, ”she added.

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