He played it: Tini Stoessel and his bold look prior to his premiere with La Joaqui

The new single from Tini Stoessel beside the joaqui Y Steve Aoki “Dolls” is about to be released and promises to be a success this summer 2023. A few days ago the artists showed themselves with high-impact bets that can be seen in the video clip, but now the girlfriend of Rodrigo dePaul, Tini decided to redouble the bet and uploaded an unexpected look to her social networks that surprised everyone.

If they thought that the triple T I could not bet on a new look, he goes out and shows an incredible look total black. This is a leather mini and a buckled harness, leaving a lot of skin exposed. For more details, the mini has a cut, as the singer had implemented Dua Lipa on different occasions.

Tini Stoessel
Tini Stoessel’s look for “Muñecas”
Tini Stoessel
Tini for the video “Muñecas” with La Joaqui

To this look I add as a complement a pair of long and rubberized gloves and buccaneers with high laces that match the look. Makeup with neutral tones and with hair collected and with volume.

Challenge doll is now available.

In the last few hours, Tini shared on her Instagram account the new challenge for the premiere of the video clip of the new song that is about to be released with La Joaqui and Steve Aoki.

Tiny and DePaul

In the video that she uploaded to her networks, she is seen showing the new choreography that is already all the rage on the networks, Rodrigo de Paul also participates, who does the choreography with his girlfriend and friends who are participating.

This Thursday the new single is released and it will be one of the great musical successes this summer 2023.

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